Concerto for Violin No.2

on a purpose-selected tone row


1. Andante espansivo
2. Largo
3. Presto

Date Duration Listen
23 April 2012 30'11" Realization (.MP3) Score (.PDF)
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Considering that it has been only exactly one year and two days since the publishing of my first violin concerto (an oddly stunted, diminutive thing featuring parts for no reed instruments whatsoever), I flatter myself that the intervening year has been well spent improving my feeble grasp of at least a few additional little aspects of modern orchestration; if nothing else, a full complement of woodwinds are heard in this piece. In any event, this is not your great-grandfather's full-blown Romantic concerto, screaming with Sturm und Drang, but rather a thoroughly modern (er, well, 20th-century, anyway) production, relying more on slender counterpoints, than ponderous harmonies. It should also be noted that a very credible argument could be raised claiming the work is, in fact, a sinfonia concertante - not a concerto proper. I shall leave it as originally designated, however, due to my very strong feeling that armchair theorists and critics don't really have quite enough to do in their lives and need more positive encouragement.

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