Trio for Piano and Strings No.3

on a purpose-selected tone row


in memoriam
Richard Lynn Kerr
(8 Aug 1915-23 Dec 2014)

1. Allegro ingarbugliata - Allegro molto - Presto - Presto assai - Prestissimo
2. Retreat March - Poco pił mosso - Pił mosso ancora - Tempo II - Tempo I - Poco meno mosso - Meno mosso ancora
3. Lentissimo - Pił mosso - Largo ma non troppo - Lentississimo
4. Presto amabile - Poco pił mosso - Presto molto

Date Duration Listen
23 December 2016 26'21" Realization (.MP3) Score (.PDF)
36.2 MB 532 KB

Hey, this was actually fun to write. Go figure. Must be time to put an empty orchestral score on the screen and start gritting my teeth, again. ;p

Don't tell the purists that the recapitulation in the first movement here is a tritone removed from the exposition; I refuse to be held responsible for the apoplectic attacks that information might inspire: (1) C-Eb-Gb (2) Ab-Bb-A (3) G-E-F (4) Db-B-D.

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