Symphony No.4

on a purpose-selected tone row

Dianne Henry-Leggette
True counselor and friend

1. Largo - Allegro comodo - Larghetto - Allegretto riflessivo - Andante tentativo - Allegro risoluto
2. Largo amichevole
3. Presto molto - Presto ma non troppo - Piů mosso - Prestissimo

Date Duration Listen
6 May 2016 32'25" Realization (.MP3) Score (.PDF)
44.5 MB 1.34 MB

Let me forestall criticism by frankly admitting there are places near the dénouements of both quick movements that devolve into something charitably describable only as halftime music from hell. It is far worse than anything in Shostakovich's notorious 2nd Symphony, I fear. In addition, the Presto has a "suprise" ending that suprised even me: after the hellish climax, the violas suddenly introduce a cheerful, jaunty theme of entirely new material that cries out for further development; but none appears; everything simply fades away rapidly into oblivion. I honestly had intended about 90 more seconds of coda there, but for some inexplicable reason the Muse cut me off abruptly.

After finishing four of these horrendous things, I am reconciled to the fact that my symphonic writing will likely always be amateurish. What's the use of being an amateur, otherwise?

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