Sonata for Violin and Piano No.2

on a purpose-selected tone row


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Sebastian Fischer

1. Allegro comodo - Vivace - Presto - Tempo II - Tempo I - Allegretto - Andante
2. Scherzando - Meno mosso - Tempo I
3. Lento - Poco più mosso - Tempo I
4. Presto molto - Presto ma non tanto - Prestissimo

Date Duration Listen
22 August 2016 24'56" Realization (.MP3) Score (.PDF)
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Nosy harmonic analysts would be well-advised in this piece to hunt for a scheme based on the tone row itself, rather than any conventional pattern of tonal centers; to wit: (1) C-D-F, (2) G-E-Gb, (3) A-Bb-Ab, and (4) B-Db-Eb.

And if there are any dinosaurs out there who still believe serial music cannot (or should not) express coherent tonalities, Maestro Hindemith and yours truly beg to differ. You just have to break your unhealthy addiction to Perfect Authentic Cadences; that's all. And then you will be free.

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