Trio for Strings

on a purpose-selected tone row


(1) Allegro ma non troppo (2) Lentississimo (3) Scherzo - Trio. Meno mosso - Piu mosso, quasi Tempo I - Piu mosso (4) Andante - Prestissimo subito

Date Duration Listen
26 November 2012 31'25" Realization (.MP3) Score (.PDF)
43.1 MB 440 KB

I originally toyed with the idea of making this a piano quintet - as an hommage to Brahms' immortal Opus 34. Fortunately, a few minutes spent actually examining the Brahms score persuaded me it would be madness to pretend I could offer anything even remotely approaching that level of melodic genius, so an unpretentious little trio must enter the lists as my champion here instead, today. Its kerchief may be fluttering bravely on the wind, but anybody who is anybody must know Herr Brahms would knock me flat on the first pass, if he ever deigned to appear against me on the field of combat.

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