for Wind and Strings
on a purpose-selected tone row


(1) Andante grazioso (2) Adagio (3) Presto comodo (4) Lento (5) Prestissimo

Date Duration Listen
20 January 2014 24'32" Realization (.MP3) Score (.PDF)
33.7 MB 552 KB

Whatever emotions performing or even just listening to it may inspire, composing this piece was actually fun. It "practically wrote itself," which may - or may not - be an advisable methodology. We shall see.

Now, unfortunately, a sudden health crisis in my immediate family has begun monopolizing my time and promises to continue doing so for at least the near future. It took me almost ten days to write the final 90 seconds of this work - because there simply was neither time nor psychic energy to devote to the purpose. It seems clear that an interruption of uncertain length will insert itself into my stream of composition here, while the future health of an aged invalid develops or unwinds.

I won't be going anywhere, but it may be a while before there is any more new music at this address. Try to make the most of this sextet, then. ;p

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