for Clarinet, Horn and Strings
on a purpose-selected tone row


(1) Allegro moderato (2) Scherzo (3) Lento (4) Presto

Date Duration Listen
23 August 2012 17'31" Realization (.MP3) Score (.PDF)
24.0 MB 504 KB

Wow, it's only eleven days after finishing Op.30: I'm obviously getting too fast for my own good, now. How did it happen? Um, the first movement's in sonata-allegro form, so the first 2-1/2 minutes were copied, pasted and transposed to become the skeleton of a development section, with only one fresh voice added to it; then the development section was copied, pasted and transposed back to become the recapitulation, with yet again only one fresh voice added to those already composed. Also, my recent mania for including entire movements in minimalist style continued with the Scherzo here; and since minimalism is also, more than anything, copying and pasting and pasting and pasting and pasting voices, it doesn't take long to add up the minutes on any new composition.

Finally, the little Presto turned out rather well, I think, considering that I wasn't at all "inspired" while composing it - but simply stringing together episodes mechanically out of various permutations of the tone row. Contractors were banging around on the roof the whole time I was working on it, as well; so we can consider ourselves lucky there isn't more annoying banging in the movement, as well. Of course, I pride myself on the fact that I take so much effort to make sure there's never more annoying banging in any of my movements, than is absolutely necessary.

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