Quintet for Winds

on a purpose-selected tone row


1. Allegro - Meno mosso - Tempo I - Piu mosso - Tempo I - Tempo II
2. Scherzando con moto - Molto meno mossso - Molto piu mosso
3. Grave
4. Presto molto

Date Duration Listen
19 February 2016 25'54" Realization (.MP3) Score (.PDF)
37.3 MB 644 KB

Ugly, ugly, ugly. No, no: the music itself isn't any uglier, than my other offerings; just the compositional process itself was obscene, horrendous and exhausting. It took me almost two full months to assemble this piece - twice the amount of time typically spent on compositions of similar length and voicings. There's just something about writing for woodwinds that has always given me fits.

In theory, then, this should be one of my better submissions; because I fretted and groaned over every phrase of it, much like the oft-vaunted Beethoven sketchbooks show how persistently he wrestled the notes to realize his works.

I am no Beethoven, but I definitely invested some sweat-equity in this quintet; so there is at least that.

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