Quintet for Strings No.2

on a purpose-selected tone row


1. Andante cantabile - Piu mosso - Allegretto con gravitÓ - Tempo I
2. Scherzo - Trio - Tempo I, ma un po 'pi¨ veloce
3. Lento molto
4. Presto molto - Piu mosso - Prestissimo

Date Duration Listen
11 June 2013 35'10" Realization (.MP3) Score (.PDF)
48.2 MB 872 KB

The Finale of this work introduces a certain harshness or contrapuntal severity I had never previously associated with the quintet form. It began, in my mind's ear, as an essay in minimalism, but quickly turned instead into a 5-voice fugue with an impossibly long subject, some 180 measures long. By way of consolation, I remind myself that - in 50 years of listening - I have never quite managed to reconcile myself to the harshness and severity in the outer movements of Bartˇk's 5th String Quartet: but love the piece, all the same. So perhaps it will be all right, in the end.

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