Quartet for Piano and Strings

on a purpose-selected tone row


(1) Allegro-Poco piu mosso-Piu Mosso (2) Scherzo-Trio-Tempo I (3) Largo (4) Vivace assai

Date Duration Listen
8 August 2013 30'09" Realization (.MP3) Score (.PDF)
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As alluded to elsewhere recently, I personally find this composition singularly lacking in invention - particularly the vivace assai. Like a petulant Mozart of serial environments, the lazy composer just kept slapping down tone rows at speed, transposing them to intervals consistent with earlier diatonic theory, and minimally adjusting the durations of individual notes to create some pretense of intellectual interest in the various lines: really just filling time every day until his 60-second quota of new draft was fulfilled. Any honest musicologist would have to admit, after all, that for many centuries such was pretty much the only goal of composers: just filling time with interesting ephemera.

And why should the present (or future) put on airs?

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