Concerto for Piano No.2

and Orchestra
on a purpose-selected tone row


(1) Adagietto cautamente - Doppio movimento - Andante risoluto - Allegro moderato - Allegretto soleggiato
(2) Rondo: Presto ma non troppo - Adagio - Allegro tenacemente - Poco pił mosso - Lento - Allegro spensierato - Allegro robusto - Andante teneramente - Prestissimo

Date Duration Listen
17 September 2017 29'17" Realization (.MP3) Score (.PDF)
40.1 MB 2.32 MB

Right up to the point of the final, "quality-control" edit of this manuscript, I was thinking the contrapuntally denser sections of the first movement were full of daring and naughty dissonant effects; then I realized the brass and winds were repeatedly crossing one another in numerous places, which will definitely produce daring and naughty effects. The hours-long process of repairing those rookie compositional errors suddenly transformed that movement into a far more tractable, well-behaved and "white bread" event. This is apparently the price one must pay for playing it safe and following the rules. ;p

The tonal progressions here slavishly follow the tone row: (1) C-B-Eb (2) Gb-E-D-Bb-Ab-F-G-A-Db.

The odd fact that my first piano concerto was Op.22 and my second, Op.66, is entirely coincidental, if curiously satisfying somehow.

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