for Winds, Brass, and Strings
on a purpose-selected tone row


1. Andante con moto - Poco pił mosso - Tempo primo
2. Adagio - Poco pił mosso - Tempo primo
3. Allegro molto - Pił mosso - Presto - Tempo primo con meno mosso
4. Lentissimo
5. Presto energico - Prestissimo - Tempo primo

Date Duration Listen
1 October 2017 26'25" Realization (.MP3) Score (.PDF)
36.2 MB 2.14 MB

Why it took me so long to discover this ensemble defies explanation. Three perfectly balanced choirs of instruments (with English and French Horns giving a slight, string quartet-style boost to the treble) practically beg one to pass harmonic materials back and forth among them. Having only three voices per choir dampens any impulse to showboat with ponderous 4-voice chorale passages, lending a supple and uncomplicated feel to whatever music may fill the staves; and yet the brass supports robust orchestral sonority in all the tutti sections. A truly delightful combination of instruments.

Best of all, from my perspective, is having finally broken the recent curse of constantly stringing together jolly miniature vignettes, by offering five substantial movements again: serious space for development that encourages challenging spiritual reflection.

YM, of course, MV. ;p

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