Quintet for Flute

Piano and Strings
on a purpose-selected tone row


(1)_Allegro ma non troppo (2)_Presto assai (3)_Largo (4)_Andante ingenuo (5)_Tempo amorfo (6)_Allegretto (7)_Presto ma non troppo (8)_Adagio (9)_Presto (10)_Allegretto meccanico (11)_Andante quasi adagio (12)_Vivacissimo

Date Duration Listen
12 August 2012 27'48" Realization (.MP3) Score (.PDF)
38.1 MB 596 KB

Built on the same organizational principle as the Septet Op.23, the piece contains twelve brief movements - none of which are sonata-allegro in form. The whole composition is harmonically of a piece, wandering as far as the supertonic in movement number six, while the seventh movement is an interruption that rapidly recapitulates the harmonic scheme of the entire piece in minimalist form. I was sneering at the first half of this composition while the whole was in draft, but a few strategic changes of register and metronome markings in the final edit lead me to pronounce the finished effort at least worth hearing once or twice.

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